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Where it all Started

We've Been in Youth Ministry for Over 60 Years

Nestled in between the valley of the southwest Colorado mountains and resting along the Dolores River, Four Corners Youth Encampment provides a beautiful environment to enjoy great fellowship and fun. Dating back to the 1950’s, this camp is filled with a rich history. There are two youth camps hosted each summer, with each camp lasting one week.
Our Purpose

Every Kid Deserves an Amazing Youth Camp

Our mission is to cultivate an environment where Christ-centered relationships are developed. Four Corners Youth Encampment is a sanctuary, a place where believers and non-believers can come together to enhance or discover their relationship with God, all while connecting with God through his creation.


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Ignite Your Faith

As God shines his light, you can see what is revealed.

Build Impactful, Life Long Relationships

With distractions minimalized, you can grow closer to one another.

Experience God's Creation

Take the time to open our eyes and hearts, slow down for a minute and behold the beauty of our God in all that he has made.

Have Fun

FCYE is an adventure! Enjoy it!